About Us


President Commendation

Putera1Malaysia is a new and exciting non-governmental organisation (NGO) that aims to unite the youth of our country. As the founding president, I pledge to do my best to instill a strong sense of social commitment to our youth. I know from experience that the youth of our country are willing to come together and work hard to form a truly united society.

I was inspired by what I saw during the Hulu Selangor by-election. To my surprise, around 5000 t-shirts with the 1Malaysia logo sold out. I quickly realised that Prime Minister Najib’s idea was being firmly accepted by all people, regardless of their background. The people buying the t-shirts were not only government supporters, but instead many were completely outside the political landscape. Their purchase of the t-shirts showed me that the fundamental concepts of 1Malaysia are something that the people are willing to buy into, and this was especially true of the many young people who bought and proudly wore the shirt. I immediately thought that a club should be established that could be a bridge between young people and the government.
I want to emphasise to all the youth of different races and potential members of Putera1Malaysia that this is not a political organisation. Let me repeat, Putera1Malaysia has nothing to do with any political ideology. My goal is the creation of a new kind of club, and I firmly believe in this club’s ability to rally around the unifying ideas of 1Malaysia with its clear goals, aspirations and expectations of a bright future for all people.

Prime Minister Najib has a vision where the landscape of our country can be changed. He is working hard to get good Malaysian citizens to see the common needs, wishes, and deeds of all races and religions, so they can recognise that we really are all alike in our basic humanity.

The target groups for Putera 1Malaysia are those aged 18 to 35 years. We are especially interested in attracting the services of young professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, computer specialists, pilots, accountants, etc., who we hope will act as mentors to the younger members and help them to realise their dreams. I also want to gather the young professionals and find out what they think. For example, what suggestions they might have to the educational system, or how can we streamline social services and the implementation of special projects, etc. I will personally take their views and opinions to the relevant ministries and act as their voice. I will also gather the respective parties together so true dialogues can be realised and new ideas and innovations created.

Putera1Malaysia will also network with other NGOs in order to work together on useful national projects. For example, there are a great deal of experienced individuals and willing organisations capable of joining forces to help young people in terms of welfare, education, sports and other social programs, and to provide a second chance to those who drop out of school.

Putera1Malaysia has as its theme the phrases “We Care”, and “1Youth, 1Voice, 1Goal”. The phrase “We Care” serves a dual purpose. First, it pledges our commitment to the well-being of the youth, and second, the club will showcase the fact that today’s youth do care about our country. We will offer numerous opportunities for the youth to participate in community help, both locally and abroad.
I hope that you will support Putera 1Malaysia by being a member, a mentor, a networking NGO, or merely as an interested and involved member of society. Together we can do great things.